BUTT - I lied!

How many of you knew about the exposure of Hasan Butt? It seems he has finally been exposed for the fraudster that he is and the lies that he has told. Nick Cohen - the ardent Islamophobe must feel mortified knowing that he has to eat his words like "he did not simply leave the al-Qaeda training camps on the Pakistan-Afghanistan borders and write a few articles when he came home, but transformed himself into a tireless opponent of extremism. He has encouraged about a dozen others to quit al-Qaeda." and "Needless to add, he has been stabbed by his (and our) sworn enemies and lives with the knowledge that there are people out there who want him dead."

You're right Nick - Hasan did not leave the al-Qaeda camps - he's never seen one. He tells the police that he has never met anyone from Al-Qaeda, nor has he ever been to any of their camps! But it gets worse for Nick as he tells us how Butt was stabbed and that his life was in danger. Well guess what Butt says to the police? "... I stabbed myself... you know, it was just part of the whole scam." Are you joining the dots yet Nick?

In similar ways Ed Husain, Majid Nawaz have all been exposed as charlatans - who would 'sell their mothers' for some fame and dollars. One hopes with the launch of the 'new' Prevent strategy - the Government and its 'advisors' have taken their heads out of the sand and dumped this shady lot and re-engaged with those who are willing to tell it as it is. The damage that these people have done will take years to rectify and the Government and the opposition must stop playing politics with this matter and engage genuinely!

For those of you who have yet to see the look on Shiv Malik's face when Simon Israel (C4 reporter) says "in effect he's shafted you..."
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