‘Ahlan’ Mayor Boris

What an election! We have the first Conservative Mayor for London and we also have the first racist Islamophobe from the BNP in the London Assembly. So what do we make of this? Is this the end of an era or is it a beginning of a new one?

As ever, the outgoing Mayor was humble and dignified in his defeat, “I’m sorry I couldn’t get an extra few points that would take us to victory and the fault for that is solely my own.” Well Ken it’s not your fault it’s the fault of about 140,000 Londoners’ that either did not vote or voted on the back of some unsavoury campaigning by the ultra right-wing Evening Standard.
So what caused this shock result? Was it anti-Brown or anti-Labour sentiments? Was it the recognition that ‘the Conservatives have changed into a party that can again be trusted after 30 years’? Was it the overt support of Muslims 4 Ken, as some have commented? Or was it the politics of fear created by the government and media? Can it even be as simple as ‘he’s been there too long’? We may never know the real reasons, as most voters will have different reasons for voting the way they do – but here is my thought on why the BNP got its first Assembly Member.

If you recall the last 2 to 3 years, you will no doubt notice that the most discussed subject has been Islam and Muslims. The rancorous manner in which the government - a Labour government - attacked Islam and Muslim has been unforgivable. Together with the relentless and vitriolic media, it created the perfect atmosphere for the racist BNP to peddle its malevolence with impunity. In the eyes of the BBC this racist party has now become ‘The anti-immigration British National Party’. Anti-immigration! When Jack Straw said that it’s not Ken’s fault alone and that everybody in government had some responsibility, I sincerely hope he together with the likes of Ruth Kelly and others recall their Islam bashing and how they allowed the BNP to espouse the myth of ‘Islamofascism’. And how the hatred they spew is becoming acceptable and mainstream. Maybe this is the ‘new era’ that has begun!

Returning to Boris, in his victory speech he stated “I will work flat out from now on to earn your trust and to dispel some of the myths that have been created about me.” Well Boris, I am one of those that didn’t vote for you, I eagerly await the reality behind this statement and will be writing to you soon for the welcomed chance to hear how you can debunk the myths created about you and make good on your intentions to "put aside party differences to try in the making of Greater London greater still."


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