Same dirt, new shovel!

Next week is the launch of the Quilliam Foundation by new age ‘Muslim revivers’ - Majid Nawaz, Ed Husain, Rashad Ali et al. The following week is the launch (well re-launch) by the ’secularists’ - ie the British Muslims for Secular Democracy. This BMSD includes the likes of Ghayasuddin Siddiqui of the defunct Muslim Parliament (I dream of the day when a Muslim women can marry a non-Muslim man), Yasmin Alibhai Brown (I recently discovered that I’m Muslim, not Black) and Taj Hargey (denier of Hadith). They have seven supporters - yes seven!

So what are they bringing to the debate. BMSD wants to ‘Raise awareness within British Muslims and the wider public, of democracy particularly “secular democracy”…’ I assume this means siding with those that have denied Palestinians their democratic choice. The QF boys (yes all boys) ‘under the guidance of mainstream Muslim scholars’ believe ‘that Western Muslims should revive Western Islam.’ Western Islam? Mainstream who?

All this may seem impressive, but scratch beneath the surface and it seems the QF boys are fed up of ‘reviving the Caliphate’, and instead want to revive ‘Western Islam’. What on earth is Western Islam you may be asking. The only answer I can think of is, Islam presented through the spin doctoring eyes of Messers Blair and his sidekick Campbell – a la ‘dodgy dossier’.

It is a shame that even before their launch they have been exposed as liars and fraudsters. Already mainstream scholars they had listed have shunned them! Mufti Abu Laith, Professor Yahya Michot and Shaykh Subhan have all been removed from the website! And the reference to Shaykh Bin Bayyah is also dubious, as the Shaykh has never heard of them!

Supporters of these organisations like Asim Siddiqui (yes the same Mr Siddiqui’s son) have come out guns-blazing, declaring it the ‘third way’. An interesting concept, we know of Haq and Batil – but what exactly is the ‘third way’? Word is, their government backers are getting frustrated with their lack of grassroots backing. Apparently it is hampering the delivery of their ‘Prevent’ work.


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