Losing the plot?

With the vast array of Terrorism laws that have been introduced, a burning question is: do these laws target Muslims? Yes - according to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, they do!

I would go a step further and say that it targets Islam as well as its adherents. How? Well, excluding the laws that legislate against the killing of innocent people (which already exists) the majority of the new laws target things like ‘extremism’, ‘radicalisation’ and ‘ideology’. When the Communities and Local Government (CLG) department was asked to define these - the response was a bunch of ers and ums. The same was true of the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Home Office and the Security Services! Does this seem strange to you too?

So what is this extremism, radicalisation and ideology that must be challenged? As the the ‘darlings’ of the CLG, Ed Husain, Majid Nawaz et al - all ‘experts’ – would have us believe, almost religiously. On closer inspection it’s clear these ‘ex-extremists’ are still extreme. Take Ed for example, when he says ‘Call them jihadists, Islamists, but I wouldn’t call them Muslim….’ Apparently, Ed has reverted back to being a Takfiri. You can take the boy out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the boy!

Radicals are supposedly those that cling to Islam without compromise. Ed has begun a campaign against the ‘Hudood’ punishments of Islam. He calls the punishment for adultery ‘barbaric’ – by extension attributing this vile term to the Prophet Muhammad. That isn’t enough for Ed, other Muslims must come to the same conclusion according to him. As for ideology, it’s Shari’ah, Khilafah, Jihad, self determination, self defence or free choice - all now taboo.


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