A Rubbish Story!

According to the Mail on Sunday the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) brokered a meeting in 2006 to force 17 local authorities to snoop on its Muslim population under the leadership of Ruth Kelly who was then in charge of the Department.

Bradford City Council leader Kris Hopkins said: “But our job is to bring communities together, to help our communities live side by side, not do the dirty work for MI5.” Further, Robert Light, the leader of Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire, added: “I, and others, refused to do anything like this.”

The DCLG tried its best to distance itself from this saying that “It was the police. It did not come from Ruth Kelly or any of her officials. It is not policy.” Yes that Police being the man that has now been driven out of his job for adultery one Andy Hayman.

But we all know this is exactly the tactic the DCLG would use and one that Ruth Kelly herself gave birth to in her speech ‘Britain: our values, our responsibilities’ or should that be called “divide and conquer” speech against the MCB.

Some Muslims that were working in the DCLG have now left or are planning to leave, some have cited to me that the politics being played against the Muslim community has gone beyond bearable.

The question I have for those that are still there, has anything changed?


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