An Honest Approach

With the vast array of Terrorism laws that we have introduced, one question that has been a burning issue is; do these laws target Muslims? According to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, yes - they do!
However, I would go a step further and say that it targets Islam as well as its adherents! You may ask how? Well, excluding the laws that legislate against the killing of innocent people (which to be honest already exists) the majority of new laws are targeting things like, Extremism, Radicalisation and Ideology ('evil ideology according to Blair). When the Communities and Local Government (CLG) was asked to give a definition of Extremism, Radicalisation and Ideology - the response was a bunch of er's and um's; this was true of the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Home Office and the Security Services! Is it me, or does this seem strange to you too?

So what are Extremism, Radicalisation and Ideology that must be challenged? We have the 'darlings' of the CLG Ed Husain, Majid Nawaz et al – are all ‘experts’ – they have become the mantra from which the CLG reads, almost religiously. A closer inspection shows that these so called ‘ex-extremists’ are still extreme, take Ed for example when he says “Call them jihadists, Islamists, but I wouldn't call them Muslim....”. So Ed has reverted back to being a Takfiri, like the saying goes you can take the boy out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the boy!

According to those that espouse these views radicals are those that cling on to Islam without compromise. To highlight this Ed has begun a campaign against the 'Hadd' punishment of Islam. He calls the punishment for adultery “barbaric” – by extension attributing this vile term to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. But that's not enough for Ed, no he is now hounding other Muslims to come to the same conclusion. As for ideology, well that’s all things to do with Shari’ah, Khilafah, Jihad, self determination, self defence or free choice.

Indeed, we never hear about Mohammad Sidique Khan's confession? You know the one where he says, 'I am doing are doing...that...blah...blah' After all, it is usual practise to ascertain the motive of a crime from the criminal – so why are the CLG so bent on ignoring this? I mean the Police, to give them their dues, accept this as the main motive.

If we look at the recent report by Sir Christopher Rose on the bugging of Sadiq Khan we see clearly that the mindset of those tasked with various "independent" roles has already been infected with the conflation of crime and religion - when he says in the report "...That surveillance was directed to ascertaining the extent of Babar Ahmad's terrorist activities and contacts within the United Kingdom..." and "...Following the events of July 2005, Babar Ahmad was one of many terrorists or possible terrorists in prison who were the subject of surveillance...". So;
  • When did Babar Ahmad fall foul of any UK legislation?
  • Why has Sir Christopher Rose not reported to the police "Babar Ahmad's terrorist activities"?
  • When did Babar Ahmad get convicted of any Terrorism Laws?

As you all know, Babar Ahmad has not been arrested for any crimes or breaking any laws of the UK - instead he has been held on remand for extradition to America. Hardly a convicted terrorist then! The worry is, all this is fast becoming the ‘norm’ and something overlooked by the institutions that are tasked with finding a way through this.


Anonymous said…
the 'norm' already is to be godless - the question is how long can muslims hang on!
Anonymous said…
I'm sure you may know Ed and Majid are launching their "foundation" on the 22nd of April at the British Musem - did they invite you?

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