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Community response to Terrorism and its counter measures

The central challenges of discrimination and injustice we face as a community are rooted in perceptions of the Muslim community being associated with Terror organisations. Everything we as a community have done to deal with this has been to try to tackle the symptoms of the problem.

We are uniquely disaffected by disinformation in the public and private domain as well as legislation and the like. As a community we need greater clarification on what, how and why absolutely innocent acts can be deemed illegitimate when carried out by Muslims yet there is no guidance to prevent this nor explanation as to why this is the case.

Not only do we need guidance but we need to be heard as well. “Working with the community” must be more then a slogan it must be a meaningful process.

Broadly the issues and topics to be addressed are as follows:
1. Why is there emphasis on proscription of certain causes and not others;
2. Whyy some acts of support …


As Salamu Alaikum (Peace upon you),

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Azad Ali